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Trainer List

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Dressage Ireland does not authorise, approve or recommend individual trainers. The list below is provided as a service to members and non-members interested in improving their riding skills and aims to provide anyone seeking a trainer with some basic information and contact details to help them to choose the trainer most appropriate to their needs.

Trainer List
Name County Telephone Email Website
Lucy Adams Antrim 078–5031–0198
Sheena Boran Dublin County 086–312–3340
Terrie Cairns Tipperary 067–29053
Lisa Carnegie Dublin County 086–834–7934  
Margaret Coonan Kildare 087–812–8731
Alison Davis Antrim 077–70–426–049
Maureen Dwyer Meath 01–825–5352
Barbara Ellison Down 078–0895–8038
Rosemary Gaffney Kilkenny 087–246–8927
Marion Greene Kildare 059–914–5112
Simone Hession Sligo 087–679–3696
Susanne Hirsch Cork 086–228–4235 www.susihirsch.com
Simone Howarth Tipperary 086–261–9577
Sorrell Klatzko  
Patricia Lalor Tipperary 087 628-8234
Alison Mastin Moore Down 078–7662–4712
Carolyn Mellor Down 078–0148–1955
Fergal Nesbitt Tipperary 087–986–4622
Ross O' Hare Kildare 086–222–2440
Ninnie Odenrick Limerick 087–205–1626
Ite O’Higgins +1–504–687–003
Susan Perrott Cork 086–604–8939
James Rooney Kildare 086–811–1161
Sue Smallman Tipperary 087–799–6189
Vida Tansey Galway 090–962–7323
Ruth Wiseman Kildare 087–687–9323

Trainer’s C.V.

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