Leinster Dressage Summer League 2022

The following shows are included in our 2022 Summer league:

  • 24th of April at Coilog
  • 14th & 15th May at Redhills
  • 4th - 6th June Botanica Dressage In The City at NHSA
  • 26th June at Greenogue
  • 10th July at Greenogue 
  • 24th July at Greenogue
  • 14th August at Redhills (*league final) 

To be eligible for league placings combinations must complete in at least three legs plus the final, where the highest three percentages from the legs plus the final will be counted

League points will be calculated on a percentage basis for your grade at each show. Your best score in your grade per show will be used. An extra 5% will be awarded to combinations that competed in five legs.

Combinations who compete in all six legs of the league will get one free test entry at the league final!! 


*Leinster Dressage committee maintains the right to amend the league. If you have any queries about the league, please contact leinsterdressage@gmail.com

League categories:

- Preliminary League 

- Novice League 

- Elementary League 

- Medium League 

- Advanced Medium League 

- Advanced and above league

*note all of the above will not be split into categories. 


- Trailblazers Under 10 (Note - only those who have not competed in other trailblazer classes are eligible)

- Trailblazers Under 12 (Note only those who have not competed in other higher classes are eligible)

- Trailblazers Junior / Senior Preliminary 

- Trailblazers Junior / Senior Novice


A league table will be circulated before the final. Any queries should go by email to leinsterdressage@gmail.com before 7/8/2022

All horses /ponies/riders must be Dressage Ireland members to be eligible for the league. 

Prizes will be presented at the league final.