Adv., PSG, Inter I/II & GP League

To be eligible for league placings combinations must complete in at least three legs plus the final, where the highest three percentages from the legs plus the final will be counted.

League points will be calculated on a percentage basis for your grade at each show. Your best score in your grade per show will be used. An extra 5% will be awarded to combinations that competed in four or more legs.

*Leinster Dressage committee maintains the right to amend the league. If you have any queries about the league, please contact

**Please note that there is no league for unregistered riders, if you are down as unregistered but believe this is incorrect then please contact

      Redhills 24th Oct Coilog 7th Nov        


Rider Horse Category PSG% Adv 1 % Adv 2 % PSG % Inter I % GP % Score
Elaine Potter CLH Big Red 0   64.32 63.57       64.32
Barbara Ellison Jaydancer 0             0
Marguerite Kavanagh Fidette 3       69.56     69.56
Marguerite Kavanagh Fursten 3     65.29       65.29
Jenny Heffernan De Keizer KN 3 63           63
Petra Larkin Jarlos 3         61.91 61.91 61.91