Leinster Dressage Leagues 2023

Leinster Dressage Winter League 2022

Spring / Summer League Dates 

1) Sunday 19th Feb 2023 at Coilog 

2) Sunday 12th March 2023 at Greenogue  

3) Sunday 16th April 2023 at National Sport Horse Arena 

4) Saturday the 13th and Sunday 14th May 2023 at Redhills  

5) Dressage In The City 3-5th June 2023 at The National Sport Horse Arena (One score from non freestyle classes) 

6) Sunday 2nd July at Greenogue *LEAGUE FINAL*


Autumn / Winter League Dates 

1) Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July 2023 Redhills 

2) Sunday 3rd September 2023 at Greenogue

3) Sunday 22nd October 2023 at Coilog 

4) Sunday 12th November 2023 at Coilog 

5) Sunday 10th December 2023 at Coilog **LEAGUE FINAL**


  • Riders and horses must be registered Dressage Ireland members and unrestricted in order to win league prizes. 
  • The horse and rider combination must attend at least two legs plus the final to be eligible for overall league prizes
  • If a horse and rider combination attend more than two legs, their top two scores attained plus the score at the final will be counted towards overall league results 
  • If the horse and rider ride more than one test at their level at a leg of the league, the higher score will be used for league calculation. Only one score per level per leg can be counted
  • Horse and rider combinations may compete in more than one level in the league e.g. a combination can take part in the prelim league and also the novice league. 
  • Leagues are uncategorised. 
  • Leagues will comprise of - preliminary league, novice league, elementary league, medium league, advanced medium league, advanced and above and Para (across all para grades). We will also have a trailblazer league with three categories 1) Trailblazer walk trot (cannot have competed at preliminary or novice during league), 2) preliminary 3) Novice 
  • League prizes will be presented at the league finals