Petra Larkin

Petra Larkin, as well as being on the committee is a regular competitor on the regional and national circuit.

Petra has been on the committee for over five years now and has spent the last two years focussed on working with our Chairperson Clare Fitzsimons to organise the Leinster Dressage Shows.

Petra’s proudest moment working on the Leinster Dressage was organising and running the 3-day festival in 2021. This idea came to her after the long lockdown in Spring which yielded many show cancellations. Petra brought the idea to the committee who loved it and while time to organise the show was limited the committee worked as a team and delivered a very successful event enjoyed by competitors from various regions.

Petra’s goal is to start rolling out training for the under 18 riders so that these younger riders have something to look forward to and aim for and so that they can get back to enjoying their sport once again.

Currently Petra competes with her two black geldings at Inter 1 - Tiger (Erb Welt) who she describes ad a charming gentleman and Birdie (Jarlos) who is bossy at home but a big baby at shows. Her goal with these horses is to move up to Inter 2 over the next year, something we are sure she will achieve.

Thank you Aisling @Equestrian Antics for the fabulous photos .