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Judges Newsletter 2015


At the recent meetings of the DI Judges Committee, it was decided to send a Newsletter to the judges to clarify training issues and to inform of upcoming events and changes.

National Judge Training

  • It is compulsory for a judge to attend one National Judge training per year.

  • If a judge has not attended a Judge Training day for one year, he/she is hidden from the Judges List and must attend two Judge Training days in the subsequent year in order to be re-instated on the Judges List.

  • After a period of two years without attending National Judge training, a judge will be required to attend two National Judge training sessions and judge at a level below their current list or, alternatively, sit the exam appropriate to their level before re-instatement can occur.

  • If a judge has not attended National Judge training for more than two years, the judge is removed from the list and must apply to the Judges Committee for re-instatement.

At present, two Judge Training days with Linda Whetstone have been scheduled for 2015: Monday, 9th March, 2015 at Ennis Showgrounds, Co.Clare.

Tuesday, 10th March, 2015 in the Northern Region, Portmore International Arena, Georges Island rd, Aghalee, BT67 0DW from 14:00–20:00.

Entry form with payment to be sent in before Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015 for both venues.

It is envisioned to have two more Judge Training Days at DI Competitions; venues in the Northern Region and in the South are being sought.

It was decided that the National Championships, because of the availability of larger entries at the higher levels, will be used for List 1–3 Judge Training only.

Upgrading Exams

This is an official call for those judges and trainee judges, who are interested in upgrading or coming onto List 6, to send in by Friday, 30th January, 2015, the appropriate forms as outlined on this website. The judge’s committee will start looking at dates and venues for organizing mock and proper exams for 2015.

The number of days to be organized is dependent on the amount of people interested in sitting exams.

We appreciate that a number of people would like to confirm exam dates as soon as possible to help with their yearly planning of various events and holidays. Therefore, it is in your interest to contact us as soon as possible and especially before the deadline date, in order to confirm dates for you.

Mock exams are still a pre-requisite for sitting the upgrading exam and are used as a practice for candidate judges before sitting the exam proper. However, there will be no pass/fail assigned to the Mock exam. After the Mock exam which will include a recommendation for proceeding to the upgrading exam, the decision regarding going forward to the upgrading exam will rest with the candidate judge. If there are more candidates for the upgrading exam than available places, more upgrading exams will need to be scheduled.

Log books are to be re-introduced as they were deemed to be important and necessary as a certified record of the judge’s training and experience.

On behalf of the Judges Committee:

Happy New Year and Happy Judging in 2015.

List of Current Training Notices

There isn’t any judges training currently available.

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