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Judges Committee Strategic Plan


Who we are:

The Judges Committee is a sub-committee of the Board of Dressage Ireland and is made up of listed judges representing each of the seven regions and a chair appointed by the Board.

What we do:

The function of the Judges Committee is to uphold the correct principles of dressage judging in compliance with the FEI and to promote a uniform high standard of dressage judging in Ireland through education and training. Benefitting from this is not only Dressage Ireland but also Eventing Ireland, the Irish Pony Club, the Irish Pony Society and the Association of Irish Riding Clubs, who all utilise judges from the official Dressage Ireland Judges list.

To this end, the Judges Committee:

  • Organises education and training with internationally recognised experts on an all island basis.
  • Assists in the education and training of judges at the regional level.
  • Organises and supervises examinations of judges for upgrading on an annual basis.
  • Maintains the official Dressage Ireland Judges List.

In view of the increased participation as well as the rising standard of dressage riders both nationally and internationally, the training and development of judges is becoming more of a necessity. In order to meet this demand the following aims need to be realised.


To develop a clear, progressive structure whereby Irish judges can be educated and trained from the trainee judge level up to top FEI level.


  • Produce a pathway for judging which will be published (website, addendum to Log Book).
  • Bring in experts from abroad to Ireland for training and upgrading of Irish dressage judges.
  • Assist Irish judges to travel abroad for training.
  • Assist Irish judges to travel abroad to judge or co-judge i.e. reciprocal agreement with another country.
  • Be informed of the requirements of FEI for the Dressage Ireland judges list.


Expand the Dressage Ireland Judges List to include a greater number of judges at List 1 and 2.


  • Avail of higher level training in UK.
  • Attend FEI training and seminars.
  • Arrange examinations at higher levels with BD or FEI.
  • Increase training in Ireland for List 3 and above.
  • Attend judge training as a group at top International competitions, such as Aachen.
  • Develop structures to be able to examine for Ust 2 and above in Ireland when possible.
  • Support the formation by Dressage Ireland of a Competitions Committee where it would be possible to promote judge training and examining at higher levels at shows with good entries.


To monitor and make recommendations regarding the progressive requirements in Dressage Ireland tests which are necessary for the production of quality horses for the national and international arenas.


  • Review existing Dressage Ireland tests annually
  • Produce new tests which would involve the opinions of riders, trainers and judges either through personal contact, surveys, focus groups etc.

Some of the aims of the Judges Committee are currently being implemented. To achieve all of the aims in the next 5 years would require:

  • Adequate resources i.e. funding for international expertise, technical assistance, social media, website design.
  • Facilitate riders and trainers to start a judge career at a younger age.

The Judges Committee have achieved much in a short period of time but needs to continue to develop practices and procedures that achieve balanced, fair minded and transparent judging for the benefit of the members of Dressage Ireland, thus, enabling increased success of the sport of Dressage in Ireland.

Judges Committee Strategic Plan

List of Current Training Notices

There isn’t any judges training currently available.

List of Past Training Notices

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