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Joint Press Release from Eventing Ireland and Dressage Ireland





Following a recent meeting, Eventing Ireland and Dressage Ireland discussed the topic of the increasing use of non-listed Dressage Ireland judges at events.


Previously the Eventing Ireland rules stated that either unlisted or de-listed judges can judge both the EI90 and EI100 classes. 


The Eventing Ireland rule now states that:


Judges must be drawn for the current year's judges list of either Dressage Ireland, British Dressage or the FEI (dressage and eventing).


For 2018, non-Listed Dressage Ireland Judges may be used for EI90 classes only but from 2019 onwards they must be a listed Dressage Ireland Judge. 


This is to ensure that athletes competing in these classes, particularly with younger horses, get awarded marks and suitable training comments to the standards required by Dressage Ireland.


Listed below are the options to become a Dressage Ireland Judge:


·         If you are a lapsed/de-listed DI Judge who is currently judging for EI and wish to be re-instated on the official DI Judges List, you need to apply to the Dressage Ireland Judges Committee.  You will be required to attend two Judge Training sessions after which you will be allowed to judge one level below your original List. 


·         If you are a lapsed/de-listed DI Judge and wish to judge at your original List, you must attend two Judge Training sessions then sit the exam for your original List.


·         If you are an unlisted judge who has never been listed with Dressage Ireland, British Eventing or the FEI, you will need to undergo training with Dressage Ireland. 


In addition


·         You must be a member of Dressage Ireland (membership is €55)

·         You must have ridden at Novice level as a minimum


A list of upcoming Judges Training Dates are listed below:




Judge Tutor

11 February 2018  

List 5 and 6 at Killossery EC

Theory at Kettles Hotel, Swords, 10:00-12:00.

Dermot Cannon

18 February 2018

Trainee level, Introduction to Dressage Judging.  

DI competition at Annaharvey Farm

Alison Mastin Moore

24 March 2018

List 3 and 4 at DI competition Danescroft EC

Linda Whetstone

7 April 2018

List 3 and 4, List 5 and 6 taken separately

Interactive at the Winter Finals, Cavan

List 3 and 4:  Linda Whetstone

List 5 and 6: Dermot Cannon

8 April 2018

Open to all; focusing on Advanced Medium and upwards

At Winter Finals, Cavan

Linda Whetstone


Lists 3 to 6 exams will be held at the Winter Finals, Cavan, on Sunday 8 April 2018.  

(Also at the National Championships in September2018 at Cavan.)


The full list of training dates can be found on the Dressage Ireland website, or by clicking  https://www.dressageireland.ie/judges/training-notices/index.php?id=65

Dressage Ireland and Eventing Ireland may facilitate an additional exam date (if required) to reinstate or upgrade judges to the current DI Judges List.  This will also be open to DI judges wishing to upgrade.

If you require more information or have questions regarding Judges training, please contact a member of the Dressage Ireland Judges Committee https://www.dressageireland.ie/judges/committee/

A full list of Dressage Ireland judges can be found by clicking https://www.dressageireland.ie/judges/list/

List of Current Training Notices

There isn’t any judges training currently available.

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