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Online Registration
Horse/Pony Registration
Please Note: In order to register a horse or pony the owner MUST either be registered as a member of Dressage Ireland.
  1. To register a new horse, a photocopy of the passport name and number page, the veterinary outline drawing page and the vaccination page must be sent to the office within 5 working days.

  2. To re-register a horse, the vaccination page must be sent to the office.

  3. To register a new FOREIGN horse, this must be done via post with registration form and photocopies of the passport pages:

    • Passport number and name page
    • Veterinary’s outline drawing page
    • Vaccination page
    • Previous competition record of the horse
    • Declare the grade at which the Horse/Pony should be registered
    • send in the first three test sheets at that level, judged by a minimum of two different Judges at the correct List
    • Payment in form of cheque, postal order or bank draft

It is the rider/owner’s responsibility to have all vaccinations up to date.

Spot checks will be carried out at regional shows, winter finals and national championships.

Would you like to register a new horse/pony or renew an existing registration ?
Renew existing registration
Register a new horse/pony
Renew Existing Registration

Please use ONLY the details of your MOST RECENT registration.

Owner’s Details
Owner’s Membership Number (numbers only, no letters)
Owner’s Last Name
Horse/Pony’s Details
Horse/Pony’s Current Registration Number
Horse/Pony’s Full Registered Name