Dressage Ireland

Vaccination & Passports

Important Notice

Horse Passports and Registrations

  1. To register a new horse, a photocopy of the passport name and number page must be sent to the office within 5 working days.

  2. To re-register a horse, no further paper work needs to be posted.

  3. To register a new FOREIGN horse, this must be done via post with registration form and photocopies of the passport pages:

    • Passport number and name page
    • Veterinary's outline drawing page
    • Vaccination page
    • Previous competition record of the horse (no record is supplied, then €30 must be included instead)
    • Payment in form of cheque, postal order or bank draft

It is the rider/owner’s responsibility to have all vaccinations up to date.

Spot checks will be carried out at regional shows, winter finals and national championships.


Excerpt from The Irish Horse World, March 5th, 2005:

Horse and Pony Owners who fail to comply with the equidae passport law which was introduced last October could be facing a maximum fine of €3000 if caught. From now on Department of Agriculture monitoring officials can appear at any equine event, including shows, events, sales, pony measuring and hunter trials and request a passport to be produced for any animal present. Failure to do so could result in an on-the-spot fine of €100, which must be paid within 28 days.

Spot checks will be carried out by Dressage Ireland officials at summer shows to ensure horses entered in the show have their passports with them and at the National Championships passports must be produced in the office when horses are being declared. No horse will be allowed to compete at the Championships without a passport and up to date fluvac.


Vaccination Regulations

Dressage Ireland will only require vaccination boosters once per year, as opposed to the twice yearly boosters imposed by FEI.

However, riders wishing to compete internationally will need to be in order with their horse's vaccinations as per FEI rules.

These can be checked with FEI or their website: www.fei.org