HSI 2021 National Dressage Championships supported by Equisolv

Dressage Ireland is delighted to announce that the 2021 National Championships will be held at Barnadown Stud between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th September 2021.

All riders and horses/ponies must be registered with Dressage Ireland for 2021 and must have obtained the required qualification scores at the level for each class entered. The onus is on each competitor to ensure that they have reached the required criteria for any class entered and they are eligible to compete in a chosen class. Please check the Dressage Ireland Rule Book. Qualifying tests for all grades must be ridden at a Dressage Ireland regional shows or, once the combination is registered with Dressage Ireland for 2021, any affiliated shows in the UK between 01/05/2021 and 12/09/2021.

For those combinations wishing to qualify for Preliminary, Novice, Elementary and Medium they must achieve a minimum of 64% in any three tests by two different judges at the grade they wish to compete.  A minimum of two of these tests must be long arena 20x60m tests.  One can be a short arena 20x40m test. 

For combinations wishing to qualify for Advanced Medium, Advanced, Prix St George, Inter I, Inter II and Grand Prix they must achieve 63% or above in two long arena tests at that level by two different judges. Any combinations who qualify for Inter I will automatically qualify for the Prix St George (Small Tour) and any combinations who qualify for Grand Prix will automatically qualify for Inter II (Big Tour).

For those combinations wishing to qualify for Para and Trailblazer classes they must achieve a minimum of 64% in two tests by two different judges at the grade they wish to compete. Para riders must have their para grading to ride in a para class.

Young Horse Classes - This will be the final of the Young Horse Dressage Series that has been held in each region.  The top three qualifying in each section from each region go to the Finals if achieving 64% or above.

Freestyle Classes – any combination who has qualified for the Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced, PSG, Inter I, Inter II or GP can choose to enter the Freestyle class for that grade. Only movements used in standard tests for a grade can be used in a Freestyle test.

Entries for the National Championships will open on our website only on Friday 20th August and the closing date is strictly midnight on Friday 3rd September 2021. No late entries will be allowed. Qualifying scores from regional shows held up to and including 12/09/2021 are permitted however those wishing to submit these scores must make their entries before the closing date for entries. Should they not achieve the qualifying scores they will be refunded in full.  The deadline for early withdrawals is midnight Sunday 12/09/2021 and they must be given in writing to admin@dressageireland.ie . After that date no refunds will be given for late withdrawals.

Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium, Advanced Medium, Advanced, Para, Small Tour and Big Tour entry fee is €70.  Grand Prix, Intermediate II, Intermediate I, PSG, Freestyle and Trailblazer classes entry fee is €40.

Stabling be available online directly through Barnadown from 2nd September 2021.

Please click on the document link below to see the full list of tests for the Dressage Ireland National Championships 2021.