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South East Region
Regional Summer Finals - Spruce Lodge - Sunday 09 September 2018
Class Test Judge Rider Score Percent Points
12 Medium DI M67 (2015) Vida Tansey Rachel Dowley wd
13 Medium BD 69 (2005) Jillie Rogers Rachel Dowley wd
South East Region
Spruce Lodge - Saturday 04 August 2018
Class Test Judge Rider Score Percent Points
7 Medium DI M67 (2015) Jennie Loriston-Clarke (UK List 1) Rachel Dowley 219.5 66.52 h/c
22 Medium BD 69 (2005) Mark Ruddock (UK List 1) Rachel Dowley 236 71.52 h/c

Every care is taken in processing show entries and results.

However, errors can occur.

Members should always include membership and registration numbers and only use the registered name of their horses.

Should you find a discrepancy in your horse's points, please contact the regional secretary where the show took place, and have your membership and registration number, as well as your test sheet at hand.

Every effort will be made to amend any errors.