Dressage Ireland



National Championships
Cavan EC
27 September 2019 - 29 September 2019

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Regional Team Championships

Leinster Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Elementary Category 3 Fidette Marguerite Kavanagh 69.435
Preliminary Category 3 Master Caledonia Sorrell Klatzko 68.800
Grand Prix Sambuca Heike Holstein 68.043
Advanced Medium Galaxy Moone Belinda Brereton (66.439)
  Total 206.278
Midlands & Western Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Preliminary Category 2 Annaharvey Firefly Aisling Deverell 69.900
Novice Category 2 El Nino Nessa Toher Shannon 68.966
Elementary Category 3 Killard Precision Sinead McGrath 66.532
Preliminary Category 1 Fountain Sissco Serena Finnerty (0.)
  Total 205.398
South East Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Preliminary Category 3 Just A Ball B.S Rachel Dowley 74.400
Elementary Category 3 LEB Hugo Anne Marie Dunphy 65.484
Medium Category 3 Florentina DWS Hannah Fielding 64.338
Medium Category 2 Cuki Collette Ward (58.162)
  Total 204.222
Northern Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Novice Category 3 Creevagh Connection Sylvia Henry 69.310
Advanced Medium Mullentine Emerald Wolfe Tone Laragh O Grady 66.061
Preliminary Category 3 Getadate Michael Boyd 66.000
Medium Category 2 Mostro Debbie Cherry (55.809)
  Total 201.371
North Munster Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Novice Category 3 Senators Rhonaldo Tara Oliver 70.086
Novice Category 3 Coco Boy Vitaliy Halstyan 65.431
Preliminary Category 1 Padraig Ina Sheasamh Natasha Brotherton Kennedy 63.400
Preliminary Category 1 Get In The Van Tara Dalton (59.000)
  Total 198.917
Eastern Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Novice Category 1 Wexford Moondance Nessa O Sullivan 65.172
Elementary Category 3 Cantos De Light Heidi Slott Jorgensen 64.597
Advanced Medium Saale Hit Finn O Gara 64.470
Preliminary Category 3 Hes Tiny Sonya McCormack (63.100)
  Total 194.239
South Munster Region
Class Horse Rider Percent
Novice Category 2 Ballycahane Billy Ana Maria Hughes 65.431
Preliminary Category 3 Jolly Good Fellow RSH Vanessa O Sullivan 64.100
Preliminary Category 1 Castlelack Lancelot Boy Ashleigh Hughes Lordan 63.000
Elementary Category 2 Pip’s Delight Sarah Morton (61.613)
  Total 192.531

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However, errors can occur.

Members should always include membership and registration numbers and only use the registered name of their horses.

Should you find a discrepancy in your horse's points, please contact the regional secretary where the show took place, and have your membership and registration number, as well as your test sheet at hand.

Every effort will be made to amend any errors.