Dressage Ireland

Dates at a Glance

Dates at a Glance

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Shows with List 1 and List 2 Judges

Please see list below for availability of List 1 and Lists 2 judges at shows.

It is strongly advised that higher level riders should contact show secretaries for confirmation on the List 1 and List 2 judges.

December 2019
Sunday 01.12.2019 LR Greenogue Equestrian Map
Saturday 07.12.2019 ER Marlton Map
Sunday 08.12.2019 NMR Clonlara Equestrian Centre Map
Sunday 08.12.2019 NID Connell Hill Map List 1 P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Sunday 15.12.2019 MWR Ower Equestrian Map
January 2020
Saturday 11.01.2020 ER Marlton (R) Map
Sunday 12.01.2020 NMR Tipperary Equestrian Centre Map
Sunday 12.01.2020 NID Laurelview Map List 2 P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Saturday 18.01.2020 SER Raheen-na-Gun Stud Map
Saturday 25.01.2020 NID Portmore International Equestria Map List 1 P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Sunday 26.01.2020 LR Greenogue Equestrian Map
Sunday 26.01.2020 MWR Ower Equestrian Map
Sunday 26.01.2020 NMR Clonshire EC Map
Sunday 26.01.2020 SMR Sceilig Equestrian Centre Map
February 2020
Sunday 09.02.2020 NID Connell Hill Map List 2 P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Sunday 16.02.2020 MWR Annaharvey Farm Map
Saturday 22.02.2020 ER Marlton (V) Map
Saturday 22.02.2020 NID Gransha Equestrian Centre Map P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Saturday 22.02.2020 SER Spruce Lodge Map
Sunday 23.02.2020 MWR Woodlands EC Map
March 2020
Sunday 08.03.2020 LR TBC
Sunday 08.03.2020 MWR TBC
Saturday 14.03.2020 ER Marlton Map
Saturday 14.03.2020 SER Raheen-na-Gun Stud Map
Sunday 15.03.2020 NID Regional Winter Finals - Portmore International Equestria Map List 1 P,N,E,M,AM,Adv,PSG,InterI,InterII,GP,FEI,Pony,Para,TB
Saturday 28.03.2020 LR National Horse Sport Arena Map
Sunday 29.03.2020 NMR Clonshire EC Map
April 2020
National Winter Finals Map
Saturday 25.04.2020 ER Marlton (V) Map
Saturday 25.04.2020 SER Raheen-na-Gun Stud Map
May 2020
MWR Summer Festival - Ard Chuan Equestrian Centre Map
Saturday 30.05.2020 ER Marlton Map
June 2020
Saturday 20.06.2020 ER Marlton Map
July 2020
Saturday 04.07.2020 ER Marlton Map
August 2020
Saturday 08.08.2020 ER Marlton Map
Saturday 22.08.2020 ER Marlton Map
September 2020
National Championships
Saturday 19.09.2020 ER Marlton Map
October 2020
Saturday 10.10.2020 ER Marlton Map
Saturday 31.10.2020 ER Marlton Map
November 2020
Saturday 14.11.2020 ER Marlton Map
December 2020
Saturday 05.12.2020 ER Marlton Map
C - This show has been cancelled.
P - This show has been postponed. A new date will be published in due course.
R - This show has been rescheduled from a previously published date to the date now shown.
E - This is an extra show to the previously published schedule.
V - This venue for this show has been changed to the venue now shown.