Dressage Ireland

National Winter Finals

National Winter Finals

National Winter Finals

Winter Finals 2019
6th & 7th April 2019
Cavan Equestrian Centre, Latt, Co. Cavan


Winter Finals Classes

Class Level Test Test
1 Preliminary Category 1 BD 19 (2008/2016) DI P18 (2012)
2 Preliminary Category 2 BD 19 (2008/2016) DI P18 (2012)
3 Preliminary Category 3 BD 19 (2008/2016) DI P18 (2012)
4 Novice Category 1 BD 38 (2005) DI N24 (2012)
5 Novice Category 2 BD 38 (2005) DI N24 (2012)
6 Novice Category 3 BD 38 (2005) DI N24 (2012)
7 Elementary Category 2 BD 57 (2007) DI E55 (2013)
8 Elementary Category 3 BD 57 (2007) DI E55 (2013)
9 Medium Category 2 BD 69 (2005) DI M77 (2015)
10 Medium Category 3 BD 69 (2005) DI M77 (2015)
11 Advanced Medium FEI Jnr Team (2009 updated 2018) FEI Jnr Indv (2009 updated 2018)
12 Advanced BD 102 (2012)
13 Prix St Georges Prix St Georges FEI (2009 updated 2018)
14 Intermédiaire I Intermediate I FEI (2009 updated 2018)
15 Intermédiaire II Intermediate II FEI (2009 updated 2018)
16 Grand Prix Grand Prix FEI (2009 updated 2018)
17 Junior Trailblazers Preliminary (Under 12) BD 7 (2002/2016)
18 Junior Trailblazers Preliminary (12-16yrs) DI P5 (2012)
19 Senior Trailblazers (Preliminary) DI P5 (2012)
20 Junior Trailblazers (Novice) BD24 (2010/2016)
21 Senior Trailblazers (Novice) BD24 (2010/2016)
22 FEI Pony Team Test (2012/2018) Individual Test (2012/2018)
Entry Fees

Entry Fees

Winter Finals:

  • €60 / £50 for Classes 1 to 11 and 22
  • €35 / £30 for Classes 12 to 21.


Please note Entries will close on Monday 11th March 2019 at midnight.

Under NO circumstance will late entries be accepted.

All postal Entries must have arrived at the office before closing time Tuesday 12th March 2019.

Please do not contact the office over late entries as refusal might offend.

Withdrawals by:

Monday 18th March 2019 at midday.


Qualifications for Winter Finals 2019

A horse may only be ridden by one rider only at the Winter Finals

Preliminary, Novice, Elementary,Medium and FEI Pony and Para

To participate in Para, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium, FEI Pony and Para classes, competitors must have achieved a qualifying standard of 64% on three occasions between 1st October 2018 and 11th March 2019. Pony Riders with qualifying scores obtained in FEI Pony Classes are also eligible to enter the Medium Winter Finals. Two qualifying scores from the one show can be used as long as the two tests are judged by different judges.

Rider and horse combinations must have cpmpeted at least once in Ireland during the qualification period.

All qualification scores must be gained under a suitably listed judge at a registered Dressage Show.

Please note that scores obtained in the following Preliminary tests will NOT count towards qualifying scores BD1 (2006), BD2 (2016) and BD7 (2002).

Advanced Medium and above

To participate in Advanced Medium and above Championships, competitors must have achieved a qualifying standard of 63% twice between 1st October 2018 and 11th March 2019. Two qualifying scores from the one show can be used as long as the two tests are judged by different judges.

Irish based horse and rider combinations must have gained at least one qualification score in Ireland during the qualification period.

Irish Riders based overseas must have three qualifying scores from three separate shows within the same timeframe.

For Intermédiaire I to Grand Prix competitors must have acchieved a qualifying standard of 63% once between 1st October 2018 and 11th March 2019.

Please note that a qualification score at Intermédiaire I level gives you one qualification score for PSG as well and that a qualification score at Grand Prix gives you qualification for Intermédiaire II.

Junior and Senior Trailblazers Classes

To participate in Junior and Senior Trailblazers classes, competitors must have achieved a qualifying standard of 63% twice in Trailblazer classes, between 1st October 2018 and 11th March 2019. The Junior Trailblazers Preliminary class will be split into two sections: Junior Trailblazers Preliminary A is for riders under the age of 12 as of the 1st January 2019 and Junior Trailblazers Preliminary B is for riders (12 and over) under 16 as of the 1st January 2019

Please note that Trailblazer members may only compete and qualify for National Competitions in Trailblazer classes.

If the rider is qualified in both Trailblazer and regular adult classes for National Competitions they may not compete in both, they must choose one or the other.

Trailblazers may carry a whip and have their tests commanded (called out). Trailblazer riders are not allowed to wear spurs.


In the event of unmanageable numbers, the organizers reserve the right to ballot out. This will be carried out on a first come first served basis.

Prize Giving

Riders must be properly turned out to attend prize giving or send a representative to collect on their behalf, if they cannot be present themselves.

Prizes will not be presented before Prize Giving, and prizes not collected during Prize Giving, will be forfeited.


Stabling must be booked directly with Cavan Equestrian Centre and is completely independent of Dressage Ireland.

General Conditions – please read carefully

  • Horse and pony rider combinations may only compete in two consecutive levels at the Winter Finals.

  • It is the competitor’s responsibility to ensure that they have met the qualifying criteria and that the official 2019 entry-form is filled out correctly. It is the responsibility of all competitors to ensure that the qualifying scores upon which they are relying were awarded at shows affiliated to Dressage Ireland in front of a listed judge who is qualified to judge at this level. Please take note that restricted classes give no qualifications to Winter Finals.

  • Please note that qualification for the Winter Finals is for horse/rider combinations (i.e. the rider who qualifies the horse must also ride it in the Winter Finals).

  • All riders must declare at the office upon arrival to obtain their bridle number.

  • Passports must be presented at the office and will be checked.

  • Equine Premise Numbers must be submitted at the office at the time of declaration.

  • Competitors are reminded to ensure that all vaccinations are up to date.

  • The results of the competitions at the Winter Finals are final. No correspondence or representations will be entertained.

  • Riders should be aware that they and or their horses may be required to be tested for forbidden substances.