Elevate Program 2023

We just wanted to share some information about the Elevate program. This is a program that is running through Dressage Ireland and Irish Pony Society with support from Horse Sport Ireland.

The goal is to teach young riders the correct principles of basic riding using the training scale.

If you haven't heard of this, you might not realise that its for everyone. You don't have to be a member of Dressage Ireland or Irish Pony Society to take part. You don't have to have competed at dressage before.

If you are a young rider or a parent of a young rider that enjoys riding their horse / pony, this is for you. Young riders are the future of dressage in Ireland and initiatives like this are created to help you to improve both riding and horsemanship and to help you to plan ahead and set goals.

The Elevate training days take place on the 9th and 10th June. The days will introduce riders to top tier showing and dressage judges - all professionals involved are very welcoming and encouraging so if you are new or don't know anyone, please don't worry.

Thanks to the support received from HSI, these training days cost just €25 which is an incredible price for a full day of training in showing, dressage and horsemanship.


Riders must have their own horse / pony

Riders must be able to independently control their horse/pony in an arena i.e. no lead rein, riders must be able to ride in open order.

Riders must be aged six or over

Riders must not be over 18.

Please, if you would like to register for this event, follow this link:


Thank you to our Leinster Committee member David who has put so much work into this behind the scenes.