Judges Training & Exams

Judge Training and Exams

Please note: from 1st January 2024, any late applications for judge training or upgrading results will incur a late fee.

Please remember:

  • It is compulsory for a judge to attend one National Judge training per year.
  • If a judge has not attended a Judge Training day for one year, he/she is hidden from the Judges List and must attend two Judge Training days in the subsequent year in order to be re-instated on the Judges List.
  • After a period of two years without attending National Judge training, a judge will be required to attend two National Judge training sessions and judge at a level below their current list or, alternatively, sit the exam appropriate to their level before re-instatement can occur.
  • If a judge has not attended National Judge training for more than two years, the judge is removed from the list and must apply to the Judges Committee for re-instatement.

Log Book

The updated Dressage Ireland Judges Log Book can be found at the bottom of this page for download along with print instructions.  It is important for judges to get their Log Book signed as proof of attendance of National Judge Training.


Judge Training and Exams in 2024

Please note that starting from 1st January 2024, any late application for Judge Training or Upgrading Exams will incur a late fee.

Judge Training Dates

National judge training will take place on the dates and at the locations listed below.  Applications received after the closing date may incur a late fee.  There may be a few more judge training dates announced later





Regional Rep


Topic / Presenter

Closing date for entries


11th Feb 2024

Leinster Region

Coilog EC Co.Kildare

Vida Tansey - List 3A, 3, 4 

Wednesday 7th Feb 2024


11th Feb 2024

Leinster Region

Coilog EC Co.Kildare


Jane Whitaker - List 5/6

Wednesday 7th Feb 2024


12th Feb 2024

North and South Munster

Thurles EC Co.Tipperary

Donie McNamara - List 6-3A

Thurs 8th Feb 2024


18th Feb 2024


Eastern Region

Marlton Stud

Michael Moore - List 5/6

Wed 14th Feb 2024


18th March 2024


South East Region

Spruce Lodge EC Co.Wicklow

Dermot Cannon - List 3a, 3&4 

Wed 13th Mar 2024


List 1&2 (3A) 

Sun 10th march 2024 Myerscough College Premier League Lancashire UK TBC 1
Fri 26th April 2024 Addington CDI*** Buckinghamshire TBC

1,2 (3A)


Additional Training Dates

4th & 5th May.    Wild Atlantic Dressage Festival with Mary-Anne Horn 6 / 3a *

12th May.              Marlton with Dermot Cannon.  6 / 5/ 4.

13th & 14th July.  Necarne, Castle Irvine with Vida Tansy.   6 / 3 *

All training should be booked and paid for using itsplainsailing ONLY. ihttp://www.itsplainsailing.com/org/di

Upgrading Exams

All judges interested in upgrading in 2024 should send in a judges upgrading form as soon as possible as this would help in planning the exams.  Exam applications are accepted on a first come first served basis as exam places may be limited.

To List



Practice Judging Paperwork & Fee Due


Hickstead UK

11th May 2024 - upgrading form due 1st March 24

7th May 2024

6&5 (possibly 4)

Coilog EC Co.Kildare

1st June 2024

Upgrading form due - 1st Mar 2024

28th May 2024

4, 3 & 3A

National Championships 2024

6th Sep 2024

Upgrading form due - 1st Mar 2024

3rd Sep 2024





All correspondence to the Judges Committee MUST be sent to the new email address.
All fees for judge training, upgrading exams and Judges Gala to be paid online to