Northern Region Show Rules

A list of our show rules is shown below. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with these.

Please drive slowly at events.

Hats must be worn at all tmes when mounted and securely fastened. Hat tags available from the show secretary’s office.

Riders and owners of competing horses and their attendants must, under penalty of elimination, obey any reasonable request or direction given to them by an official, and they must be careful not to do anything liable to upset or hinder the undisturbed progress or safety of the competition.

We will eliminate a competitor for not. following reasonable directions or behaving in an unsafe or abusive manner.

Competitors must be mounted when entering the arena and competition space. Exceptions are made for Para riders.

Pass left hand to left hand when meeting another rider coming in the opposite direction, unless they are in counter canter in which case give way, by circling.

Please do not walk on the outside track when in the warmup arena. Make tack adjustments outside the arena if possible or near the middle of the arena, without obstructing the outside track, diagonal or centre lines. This includes the removal of boots.

Ensure that the use of the whip does not upset passing horses.

Do not halt or walk on the outside track but always leave room for other riders to pass.

Do not lunge in practice arenas. Only in designated areas with the permission of the show organiser.

No horse can be lunged for more than 30 minutes in any one day. (same as FEI rules)

Riders with impaired vision should wear a white armband whilst warming up as an indication to other riders. Please be aware of vision impaired riders and ensure extra space when passing.

Trainers or other pedestrians should not stand in the warmup/collecting rings. Stand outside the ring where possible. Trainers should minimise disruption to other riders. when helping their clients. Do not stand in the warmup with your student working around you. It reduces the size of the arena.

Riders of stallions must wear a sash to indicate they are riding a Stallion. Other riders should allow extra space around the stallion particularly when. riding mares.

Earphones and electronic communication devises are prohibited while competing but are permitted in the warmup arena if they do not interfere with other electronic devices at the venue.

Watch out for the young riders. They can be intimidated by the larger horses. We have some very young riders who might be a little inexperienced. Give them a bit more space in the warmup.

Please tell the show secretary if there is anything which you feel is unsafe or could be improved. We can’t be everywhere all the tome so the more eyes the better.

If you are free to help on the day, please contact one of the committee members. It would be greatly appreciated.

Be nice. Remember everyone there running the show is a volunteer. Help where you can and don’t forget to smile. It is meant to be fun.