Judges Committee Policies

Please find the following important documents available for download at the bottom of the page: 

  • Code of Conduct
  • Procedural Guidelines for Judges


National Judge Training

  • It is compulsory for a judge to attend one National Judge training per year.
  • If a judge has not attended a Judge Training day for one year, he/she is hidden from the Judges List and must attend two Judge Training days in the subsequent year in order to be re-instated on the Judges List.
  • After a period of two years without attending National Judge training, a judge will be required to attend two National Judge training sessions and judge at a level below their current list or, alternatively, sit the exam appropriate to their level before re-instatement can occur.
  • If a judge has not attended National Judge training for more than two years, the judge is removed from the list and must apply to the Judges Committee for re-instatement.


Limited Exemption from National Training for Judges

Judges, who attend either FEI (Eventing or Dressage) or British Dressage (BD) sanctioned judge training, may apply to the Judges' Committee for exemption from National Training in order to remain on the Dressage Ireland Judges List, provided they submit the following:

  • Advance notice to the Judges Committee of the date, venue, syllabus and trainer of the FEI or BD judge training/course for approval by the Judges Committee.
  • If approved, a certificate of completion of the training/course, signed or stamped, issued by the organising body.
  • Administration Fee - €20.00

Applications for prior approval for upcoming FEI and BD judges training must be submitted to the Judges Committee at least seven days before the next scheduled Judges’ Committee meeting (contact Judges’ Committee Secretary for date).


Judging Guidelines

When accepting an invitation to judge, judges should make sure they are satisfied with the terms of their judging appointment. This should be done by discussion with the competition organiser before commitment is made. Below are guidelines set out by the Judges Committee which have been circulated to dressage competition organisers.


Judges remuneration

Judges at present are entitled to a minimum fee of 80 euro. This is equivalent to a return journey of 140 km at 60 cent/km. If the return journey is greater than 140km the judge may claim the additional km at the above rate. This will result in a fee greater than 80 euro. The maximum that can be claimed is 220 euro.


Technical issues relating to judging

  • A judge should not judge for more than 5 hours (including breaks) unless by prior arrangement with the judge concerned.
  • There should be a break of 10 minutes between classes to allow the judge to familiarise themselves with the new test.
  • There should be at least a 10 minute break every 90 minutes (this applies particularly to Eventing Ireland competitions)

Request to join the DI Judges List from non-national or overseas judges

Applications to join the DI judges list from non-national or overseas judges are considered on an individual basis.  To apply, please contact the judges committee.


Please read Code of Conduct and Procedural Guidelines for Judges carefully. Any questions, please contact the Secretary, Judges Committee.