League Rules


League will run at the following levels:



Jun Prelim


Jun Novice



Advanced medium



Points will be awarded at all shows for placings with 10 points for a first down to 1 point for 10th and below

All Categories are combined for points

To qualify for the league, a horse and rider combination must compete (at any level on the same horse) at a minimum of 4 NR shows (regional finals not included in the league). The horse/rider must compete at 2 NR shows at the given level to qualify for a league placing.

Points will count from every test ridden

Prizes will be awarded from 1st – 4th in Prelim to Elementary and 1st-3rd in Medium and above (depending on numbers qualified).

In the event of equality of points, the rider who has attended the most shows will gain the higher place. If still equal, the actual percentages gained at the shows will be used and the highest total will gain the higher place.

A rider may compete in more than one level.

To be eligible for prizes, a rider must have completed their 6 hours of help during the league. (ie Regional finals are not included)