Upgrading - Lists 6-3a

Dressage Ireland Judges List 6-3a Upgrading Protocol

(updated 06/11/2013)

Applicants must:

(a) be a current member of Dressage Ireland

(b) have been active on their current list for 1 years prior to application

(d) be up to date with their National Training at the time of application


Practice  Judging to  upgrade for Lists 6 to 3a

The purpose of the practice judging is to give you a chance to judge affiliated classes at the Judges List for which you are aiming, prior to sitting the upgrading exam.

To Practice judge classes:

  • You must obtain an Upgrading Exam Pack from the Secretary of the Judges Committee or download it from the Dressage Ireland website which includes:
  1. Practice Judging Form
  2. Practice Judging Record Sheet
  3. Upgrading Examination Application
  • You must apply to the organizer of the selected Dressage Ireland competition for permission to park your car alongside that of the official judge, who should be at least one level above the List for which you are aiming i.e. Trainee judges should practice judge with a List 5 or above official judge.
  • You must also contact the official judge in advance of your practice judging so they are aware of the situation and introduce yourself to the official judge on the day. Give Him/Her the Practice Judging Record Sheet to fill in their collective marks.  Please provide your own writer and score sheets, which can be obtained from the Secretary of the Judges Committee well in advance of the Practice Judging date.
  • You must practice judge three classes. The class must have the required number of competitors. Please see below*.  If this is not the case, then the second class at the level at that particular show venue and date may be  judged in full in order to make up the required number of competitors.
  • At the end of the class ask the Official Judge to sign the Practice Judging Form. He or she may then be prepared to discuss the tests with you, but is not obliged to do so.
  • Practice judging test sheets must be totalled and the Practice Judging Record Sheet must show the date, venue, name of the official judge and their results for comparison.
  • You are also required to  participate in one Interactive Practice Judging session.  This involves practice judging in the company of a List 2 or higher judge in which marks and comments will be given openly with a discussion to follow.  This feedback should be a friendly, interactive exchange giving the candidate an indication of their training progress. At the end of the session, ask the Judge Tutor to sign your Log Book.
  • All Practice Judging Forms and Sheets along with a copy of the relevant Log Book pages  must be sent to the Secretary of the Judges Committee at least 14 days prior to sitting the exam.
  • The upgrading exam must be taken within one year of the last Practice Judging session.
  • Should a candidate judge fail their upgrading exam on two occasions in succession, then a further two years must elapse - during which training and practise judging according to the appropriate upgrading protocol needs to be satisfactorily completed - before re-sitting the upgrading exam

*To Lists 6,5 and 4, minimum of 10 competitors is required. 

*To Lists 3 and 3a, minimum of 6 competitors is required.