Leinster Dressage Membership

Everything you need to know about joining our region as a Dressage Ireland member

Leinster Dressage is the largest region of Dressage Ireland. We are always delighted to welcome new members of all ages on board.

We aim to foster a culture of continued horse and rider development through our subsidised training initiatives. We aim to work as a team and to enjoy our sport. We aim to involve all members in our activities.

We ask that all members commit to volunteering at a show during the competition year to allow us all to work as a team and run enjoyable and organised competitions. We supply food and drinks for all members who volunteer. 

To join Leinster Dressage - login to your Dressage Ireland website account and click 'Membership' from the top main menu. This will allow you to view and select the various membership options and prices, to add to cart and to process payment. Further information on the different types of memberships can be found by choosing 'DI Membership Options' under the 'membership@ tab. 

Did you know?

- If you join as a member between 1st November 2021 and 31st December 2021, your membership will be valid until 31st December 2022

- First year registration of a pure bred Irish Draught, Connemara Pony, Irish Thoroughbred or Kerry Bog pony is free of charge! 



General Information relating to membership:

Class Levels and categories

When joining Dressage Ireland, all riders will be assigned to a competition  category - 

Category 1 – riders who have not competed above novice level

Category 2 – riders who have not competed above advanced medium level

Category 3 – riders who have competed above advanced medium level

When results are announced, results are divided by category with rosettes 1st to 6th in each category for each class.

Riders should select the correct category and class when entering competitions.


Trailblazers are classes for those aged up to 21. They are ideal for children starting Dressage Ireland and take place in a 20 * 40m arena.

Mini Trailblazers – under 10s (An introductory walk and trot test)

Under 12’s – aged under 12 (a preliminary test)

Junior Trailblazers – Aged 12-16 (choice of a preliminary or novice test)

Senior Trailblazers – Aged 17-21 (choice of a preliminary or novice test)


Class levels as related to AIRC levels for riding club members who would like to join Leinster Dressage:

AIRC Level

Dressage Ireland Level

Key Movements

Primary / Advanced Primary / Intermediate


20m circles in trot and canter

15m trot circles

Working trot, working canter, free walk, medium walk.

Transitions between walk, trot and canter

Advanced Intermediate


10/15/20m circles in trot

15/20m canter circles

Counter canter

Medium Trot

Medium Canter



As for novice plus

Leg yield in trot

Simple change (canter- walk – canter)

Advanced Open


As elementary plus

Half pass instead of leg yield in trot

Half pass in canter

Shoulder in and travers in trot

¼ and ½ walk pirouettes

Extended walk