Upgrading - Lists 1 & 2

Dressage Ireland Judges List 1 & List 2 Upgrading Protocol

(updated 05/12/23) 
List 3a judges wishing to upgrade to List 2, and List 2 judges wishing to upgrade to List 1 must apply to Dressage Ireland (DI) Judges Committee (JC).   The applicant will be considered as a candidate List 2 or a candidate List 1 judge. A comprehensive training and assessment programme for candidate List 2,  and List 1 judges will be organised by the JC.  

Applicants must:

(a) be a current member of DI
(b) have been active on their current list for 2 years prior to application; List 3a judges may apply for List 2 upgrading after one year judging at List 3a  
(c) candidate List 1 judges must have judged at PSG level  
(d) be up to date with their National Training at the time of application.  
Training Programme:

• Training sessions at PSG and GP will be provided with a DI approved trainer at High Profile, Premier League or CDI level shows in the U.K.  
• The sessions will be interactive and will require the candidate to judge some horses aloud via microphone/headset for assessment by the trainer.   
• The candidate List 1 and List 2 are required to attend 4 training  sessions. Training sessions must be recorded in the Log Book. 
• The candidate List 2 judge will be required to practice judge 4 PSG classes (minimum 10 horses each) and candidate List 1 judge 4 GP classes (minimum 10 horses each). The Practice Judging Form is to be filled out and signed by the officiating judge of the class. The percent score achieved and placing of each horse compared to the official judges of the class is to be recorded on Practice Judging Record Sheet.   
• The results must be submitted to DI as part of the requirement for the upgrading exam. 
• The candidate will be encouraged to attend high profile competitions and attend as much training as possible. 
• The official DI List 1 and/or List 2 exam will take place outside Ireland at a High Profile / Premier League or CDI, U.K. venue. The exam must be taken within one year of the last practice judging session. Candidates must provide their own writer who, if a judge, must not be listed higher than List 4. 

Should a candidate judge fail their upgrading exam on two occasions in succession, then a further two years must elapse - during which training and practise judging according to the appropriate upgrading protocol needs to be satisfactorily completed - before re-sitting the upgrading exam.