Leinster Dressage Development Pathway

Our development pathway aims to foster a culture of holistic training within our Leinster Region

Introducing the Leinster Dressage Development Pathway. 

We believe that learning and development should be holistic and should encompass progression for riders and horses of all levels across our five pillars of training. 

With this mindset and vision we believe that we can encourage and enable all Leinster Dressage members to reach their potential through oa system that looks at all aspects that form the eventual successful competition outcome. 

Each of our forthcoming training opportunities will be aligned with our training pillars. 

Our accessible subsidised training programme for October to end January 2023 aims to make training affordable and accessible to our leinster members riding at the lower to middle levels. This initiative focuses on learning to ride in the correct way of going and to master key movements. Mastering the basic building blocks will allow these riders to improve scores at their current level and to aim towards the next level. 


How does this work?

Leinster members can book in for training (a maximum of four sessions per rider) between 25/10/2022 and 31/12/2022 (*extended to 31/1/2023!) . The Leinster member books a coaching session with one of the coaches listed below and then emails leinsterdressage@gmail.com to advise that the booking has been made. 

These coaches all coach clients in their own yard meaning clients can travel to them for lessons. This avoids the additional cost to members of having to hire a venue to enjoy a lesson. 

When the member attends the training session, they pay the coach 50% of their normal coaching fee. A copy of the training declaration form which the coaches have been supplied with must then be signed and dated by both the coach and the rider to verify that the lesson took place. The coach submits these completed forms by email only to leinsterdressage@gmail.com 

Leinster Dressage will then reimburse the coach via bank transfer. Please note, coaches will only be reimbursed where the form has been fully completed by both parties and submitted by the coach to Leinster Dressage by email. 

Do members have to be registered members to take part?

Yes, members must be fully paid Dressage Ireland members to take part.

Training cannot be backdated, you must be a fully paid Leinster member to avail of subsidised training

Can members from other regions take part?

Only registered Leinster Dressage members are eligible for this subsidised training opportunity. 

What if I am a coach who is not on this list?

This is a pilot initiative with a small group of local coaches. If this subsidised training proves successful. we may run this again later in 2023 and may expand it further to include more coaches / areas. 

Any BHS or HSI coaches interested in working with Leinster Dressage in future should email leinsterdressage@gmail.com to register their interest. They should include a copy of their coaching certificates, Garda Vetting certificate and Safeguarding certificates. Please also state if you are prepared to coach clients at your own yard under your own coaching insurance. 

Does it matter if I know the coaches before I take part in this training?

No, not at all the coaches in question will be happy to hear from you! 

Does this cover group training?

No, this is for one to one coaching sessions. 

Who are the coaches and how do I contact them?

  • Fiona Hayes BHS Level 3 Coach / 0877609565 / fionahayes1569@gmail.com / Kildare / normal fee €50 for 45 minutes - subsidised fee, Leinster members pay €25
  • Jean Halpenny HSI Level 1 Coach /087 6826834 / jean_halpenny@hotmail.com / Kildare. Normal fee €50 for an hour - subsidised fee, Leinster members pay €25
  • Ross O'Hare BHSI Level 5 Coach / 0862222440 / dunbyrnestud@gmail.com / Kildare. normal fee €60 for 45 minutes - subsidised fee, Leinster members pay €30
  • Paul Kilbride HSI Level 2 Coach / paulkilbride@hotmail.com / Wicklow / normal fee €75 for one hour - subsidised fee Leinster members pay €37.50
  • Lorna O'Hare BHS Level 3 & HSI Level 1 Coach / equestrianreality@gmail.com / Kildare. Normal lesson fee €50 one hour - subsidised fee Leinster members pay €25 
  • Kay Nolan HSI Level 2 Coach / kay.nolan@hotmail.com / €50 for 50 minutes. Subsidised fee - Leinster members pay €25