Leinster Dressage Development Pathway

Our development pathway aims to foster a culture of holistic training within our Leinster Region

Introducing the Leinster Dressage Development Pathway. 

We believe that learning and development should be holistic and should encompass progression for riders and horses of all levels across our five pillars of training. 

With this mindset and vision we believe that we can encourage and enable all Leinster Dressage members to reach their potential through a system that looks at all aspects that form the eventual successful competition outcome. 

Each of our forthcoming training opportunities will be aligned with our training pillars. 


Levels Based Learning

Our levels based learning series starts with our preliminary and novice day on 28/1/24 at Coilog. 

Participants need to be over 18 and 2024 registered Dressage Ireland Members to take part. 

This training is subsidised meaning it costs just €50 for Leinster Members or €60 for members from other regions. Anyone taking part in training also agrees to volunteer for 4 hours at one of our 2024 shows. 


You can book on our ItsPlainSailing webpage here - https://itsplainsailing.com/org/ld#event-45708