Leinster Dressage Development Pathway

Our development pathway aims to foster a culture of holistic training within our Leinster Region

Introducing the Leinster Dressage Development Pathway. 

We believe that learning and development should be holistic and should encompass progression for riders and horses of all levels across our five pillars of training. 

With this mindset and vision we believe that we can encourage and enable all Leinster Dressage members to reach their potential through oa system that looks at all aspects that form the eventual successful competition outcome. 

Each of our forthcoming training opportunities will be aligned with our training pillars. 

Our training show focuses on Test Training and Competition and aims to help riders to ride a better test and to reproduce their good work from training in a competition environment. 

Leinster Dressage Training Shows

Next Training show date TBD

National Sports Arena

How often at a competition have you had the dreaded brain freeze going up the centre line?

How often have you fluffed the preparation for a movement you or your horse finds challenging?

How often have nerves affected you trying a new level or test?

Have you ever just needed some vocal encouragement and a reminder of the preparation or aids?

Do you benefit from receiving feedback as you ride movements?

How many times have you wished you had entered H/C to avoid a bad score when riding through challenging behaviour?

Have you ever thought it would be helpful if your trainer could literally coach and guide you through a test?

Would you like to be able to have coached practice session before your next show?

Our next training day, our training show, is designed to help riders to tackle all of the issues above using a test simulation where your trainer can literally be in your ear with you.


So, how does this work?

Riders will enter the training show choosing their desired test on the Dressage Ireland website.

On the day riders will warm up as they would at a show, ride their test and immediately receive their sheet from the judge. Riders can choose to have their trainer with them to warm them up and to talk and guide them through the test as they ride it. Riders will receive a sheet from the judge as well as their own feedback from their trainer.

Your score will only appear on your sheet, it will not be listed or recorded anywhere. There are no placings or rosettes awarded and no publication of scores or results. 


How much does this cost?

For registered 2022 Leinster Dressage members this costs €10 per test

For registered DI members from another region this costs €15 per test

For non registered riders, this costs €15 per test with a surcharge of €5 per rider for the day to cover temporary insurance.

Do I have to bring my trainer with me?

No, you can ride by yourself, can bring a friend / partner or family member with you to coach and help you or even play a recording to yourself as you ride of your trainer shouting key phrases at you!

Do I have to have / use a headset?

No that’s entirely up to you. You can use a headset with earpieces, a phone with headphones or just good old fashioned loud voices from the side-lines still works well.

Can you organise a trainer for me?

We are unable to organise trainers for you but luckily we have a number of talented trainers local and would be happy to recommend a list that you could approach.

Will the judge give me feedback?

As normal you will receive a sheet from the judge with comments and scores. This will be supplied immediately after your test

Can I ride my test a second time?

Our training show will run as a simulation of a normal show so we cannot allow a second run through. However you are welcome to enter a number of tests on the day.

When do entries close?

Entries will close either when we reach maximum capacity (50 entries) or on Friday the week before at 23.45pm – whichever happens first! We are setting aside 15 minutes per rider to ride their test and receive brief feedback from the judge therefore we have to cap our entries so that we don’t wear out our judges!

How do I enter?

Entry is on the normal Dressage Ireland competition page.

There will be two classes listed per test. Please take care to enter the correct test. Leinster Dressage members should enter the first class for LD members. Anyone else (a member of another DI region or an unregistered rider) should enter the second class.

When will times be announced?

As normal times will be released the Thursday or Friday before the training show. Please understand that we will have to organise times to first accommodate any trainer with several clients. Therefore we may not be able to accommodate specific times for individual riders.

What’s the withdrawal policy?

Due to the extremely low entry price, achieved thanks to subsidization by Leinster Dressage, entries for this event are non-refundable. Withdrawals should be made out of courtesy by email to leinsterdressage@gmail.com

Do I need to be a Dressage Ireland member?

No we have a pricing structure depending on membership status

Membership Status  Class to enter  Price  Additional info 
Leinster Dressage 2022 member First class for each test which is for LD members  €10  
DI 2022 member of another region  Second Class for each test  €15  
Non DI member (unregistered rider)  Second class for each test  €15 €5 surcharge per rider for the day to cover temporary insurance 


Note - horses and riders do not receive points or qualifying scores at a training show.