Times for next show

Danescroft - Saturday 9th September 2023

Times for Danescroft

Please check back on Friday evening as times may have changed. If your qualification status is not correct (under Competitions section on website), please notify us before the show - nidressage@outlook.com 

Regional Finals and League 

Further details of prizegivings will follow in due course.

Please note that in order to qualify for regional finals and league prizes, all help must be completed BEFORE the regional finals. Help may be completed by someone other than the rider. Please let the show organiser know if someone is completing help on your behalf. Once help is completed it can not be transferred. The help list has been updated after each show and is available to view on the website. If there are any discrepancies with the help recorded, please contact the organiser for the relevant show.

Help List

If your registration status or rider category is incorrect, please notify admin@dressageireland.ie 

If you wish to offer to help, please contact nidressage@outlook.com 

Please send withdrawals to nidressage@outlook.com

Arena walks,outside the boards, may take place before the competition starts as long as a committee member is on site for insurance purposes. 

When a Category 1 rider completes their first Elementary or higher class or a Category 2 rider their first Advanced or higher class, it is the rider’s responsibility to inform the Show Secretary and the Dressage Ireland office by email of their Category change.

With thanks to www.skor.ie for the use of their website for scheduling.

It is not permitted to lunge a horse for more than 30 minutes in any one day at a Dressage Ireland competition.