Trailblazer Only (Parent already a Member)

Trailblazer Only (Parent already a Member)

Price:  €40

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  • Under 16 years of age.
  • Have never competed above Novice level
  • Riders may compete in Mini Trailblazers (under 10 years old), Children's Trailblazers (under 12 years old), Junior Trailblazers (12-16yr old) 
  • May only compete and qualify for National competitions in Trailblazer classes
  • May ride H/C in Registered Junior Cat 1 classes at Regional shows
  • A parent or legal guardian must also be a member of Dressage Ireland 

*No horse/pony points awarded



Classes at Regional Shows (20x40m / 20x60m)

  • Mini Trailblazers must be under 10yrs on 1st January (walk/trot test only).  If entered in the Mini Trailblazers combinations can only compete in this class.
  • Children's Trailblazers under 12yrs before 1st January
  • Junior Trailblazer 12 to 16 year before the 1st January 
  • Senior Trailblazers 16 to 18 years before the 1st January


Championship Shows

May compete at Dressage Ireland Winter Finals and National Championships in Trailblazers classes on obtaining relevant qualifying scores.  Winners at nationals will then have to move on to Junior Category 1 except for Mini and Children's Trailblazer.