Members Registered (Past)

This is a guide for registered 2021 members or past members since 2016 who have not yet signed into their new Dressage Ireland account.

As a 2021 Member or past member since 2016 an online profile or account has already been created for you on the new Dressage Ireland system.

You account has been created with the specific information you supplied in your last registration form.

Your name, email & address on this form will all be associated to your Dressage Ireland account.

Once you have signed into the Dressage Ireland system

  • Please check all your details are 100% correct.
    Any errors or typos may affect how you complete entry's for competitions.
    It is important for you to correct any mistakes yourselves - otherwise the system may not recognise your name when filling in the entry forms.

Sign In?
Click on the “Sign in” tab in the top right corner.

Where it asks for your email, type in the email that you have previously supplied to us when you last joined Dressage Ireland (this is the email address we would contact you with).

Forgot Password:
Click on the "Forgot your Password" link, a password reset will be sent to your email.
When that email arrives open it & follow the instructions.
It will have a link for you to reset your password, once done close that page, go back to the Dressage Ireland home page & sign in with your newly created password.

Again once you have signed into it please check all these details are correctly spelled as this will affect how you complete entry's for competitions, if there are any spelling mistakes you can correct them yourselves otherwise the system may not recognize your name when filling in the entry forms.